Tuesday, March 2, 2010

vacation eating

I'm on a road-trip (by car) vacation in Florida, something I shouldn't be revealing to the burglars at home...oh well. I'm doing my usual eating of salads consisting of the best-looking produce in the local grocery stores, beans, and nuts & seeds, actually seeds right now, and flavored vinegar. The beans and seeds are critical because everything else is raw and I'd be too hungry without the calories and fat from the beans and seeds. My last grocery stop was at a great store in Clearwater, FL, where I got local organic kale and lettuce of many different kinds, zucchini, celery, oranges, and cabbage. Then I also got organic (not local) brocolli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, and berries. The berries only last a day, so the orange and apples carry me through the next few days before my next grocery stop. Before I left home, I ground up about 1.5 lbs of mixed seeds (hemp, sunflower, flax, and chia); and I sprinkle a few spoonfuls on each salad. I make 2 giant salads every morning, usually for lunch and dinner. I also brought some raisins and flavored vinegars and my supplements. Brekky is snacking while preparing lunch and dinner; or berries and beans on those lucky days; or other fruit and beans. Today it was cabbage salad. I divide one can of beans between the three meals. Today's salad has kale at the bottom, marinating in orange juice and orange vinegar, topped with broccoli, black soy beans, romaine and red lettuce, seeds, zucchini, cucumber, and sweet potato. Normally I'd have fruit in there but I'm saving my remaining apples for tomorrow's brekky and lunch. Tomorrow we'll hit the Whole Food store in Naples and get a fresh berry fix--probably for dinner, and stock up on fresh produce again. Here's a salad from a few days ago:

One day I was out of lettuce so I made a bean dip from mashed pinto beans, my ground seed mixture, some cumin, and some of this passion-carrot juice I got for travel companion. She doesn't like it so much so we won't be getting it again, but it was good in the dip. Then I just had raw veggies and dip for lunch and dinner. It was super yummy. Note on raw sweet potatoes: the organic garnet are the best! I hope I can find some at Whole Foods tomorrow.

Okay, the rain has stopped. Time to resume my vacation!

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