Thursday, March 25, 2010

banana walnut milkshake

This is really simple and really good. It's the same ingredients as banana ice cream but I can't make banana ice cream with a single banana--I need two to blend up and that's usually more than I want (the rational part of my mind that is). This has enough liquid to blend just 1 banana and so it's a milkshake!

1 frozen banana (wait until it ripens to freeze--yellow with some small brown spots)
3-4 walnut half pieces (about 0.35 oz) (use less if you want fewer calories)
1/3 cup soy milk
touch of vanilla (1/8 tsp)

I freeze the banana as is. Let it thaw a bit (5-10 minutes), chop off the ends, slice longways into two pieces, and then the peels will come off pretty easily. Blend eveything in a blender. Add a little more soy milk if you think you need it.

This is a small milkshake--just a little dessert treat. It has the perfect amount of sweetness for me. If you want more, add a date or date syrup, but I found this just right. Yum!

Total calories: 198; protein 4 g (8 %), carbs 29 g (54%), fat 8 g (38%)

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