Wednesday, March 17, 2010

this week's meals; curried salad recipe

Boy I have been busy since I got back from vacation. I changed my schedule around again so I can get more work done. It's working and so I haven't had much time to post. Now I work more in the morning and moved my exercise to the afternoon. So that affects my meal plans. I'm eating lighter brekky and lunches, and heavier dinner---more like the way most people eat. typical meals are:

lunch: cooked veggies (any kinds including tomatoes); or raw veggies and dip. I've been into my peanut-banana dip this week. today I had asparagus, cabbage, and tomatoes; and various seasonings (italian type). I need to add pine nuts to my grocery list. Ground pine nuts is good in this kind of dish. Tomorrow it will probably be raw veggies and peanut-banana dip for the second time. Friday I'm thinking collards with sweet potato sauce or sweet potato/peanut sauce (on the collards). I guess I'm into peanuts (limited amounts of course) this week.

dinner: big salad with beans or edamame, seeds (usually ground), and fruit, and a little flavored vinegar. basically kitchen sink salad. Tonight's was really good which is why I'm posting. It turned into a curry dish. I took my usual beans, which already have great flavor from the carrot juice and veggies blended in (this week was eggplant and onions); added 1 tsp curry powder, 2 Tbsp ground seeds (take your pick--today was sunflower and sesame), a chopped banana, and chopped grapes! This was really good. Curry is good with sweet fruit. I had this over a chopped head of lettuce. yummy!

These are all fast meals to prepare because I made the blended salads on the weekend and froze them; made the beans on the weekend and froze them into individual servings; and use the pressure cooker at lunch time to cook the veggies.

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