Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7/30/13, great day!

...though I ate too much but come on, I'm only human and the food was too good. I didn't feel the greatest when I got up, similar to the last 5 days, starting after I tried my wheat experiment, so I'm ready to drop it again. Fortunately I didn't feel I was missing anything when I reintroduced it.  I think the spelt berries were okay so I'll experiment with those some more eventually.  
Breakfast was white wheat berries (I made my decision after eating that) and blueberries.  It was good but I like spelt berries more.  
My plans changed from yesterday, and we went shopping this morning and boy was that fun, picking up backpacking equipment, and stopping at a favorite produce and foodie store. This was fun for three reasons: First I got 10 lbs of Michigan blueberries, my favorite; and about 7 lbs of Door County pie cherries, which I used to think were awful and sour and now I love them. Second, they have samples of all their fruit and they have a lot of fruit! I sampled all the peaches and pears and plums and picked out a few to buy. Third, I shopped for some foodie friends who I'll be visiting on my way out to Plant-Stock, so I got to pretend I'm a foodie and shop for fancy beer and cheese. It had some of the pleasure of enjoying that stuff without the pain of actually ingesting it. haha. Here's a picture of the blueberries,
and one container of the cherries
Lunch was corn on the cob and collards and kale and onion that I cooked up last night.  Last night I also baked up some beets and kohlrabi.  I cut them into bite sized pieces and baked in foil.  Oh my gosh, were they good.   After I fixed my dinner, I had some leftover and couldn't resist eating them even though I was full.  Here's what they looked like:
These are so good just plain, as is.  Amazing.
Dinner was my experiment I discussed yesterday, putting spaghetti sauce over kohlrabi and beets instead of spaghetti. It was a success and a surprise. I thought it would go good over kohrabi and be a little weird on the beets. It was the opposite. That's why I love experiments. I also had the rest of the collards and kohrabi. I ate with friends by the lake.  
Then I went to my meditation class and while I was supposed to be doing a mind/body/space meditation, I was thinking about what I was going to eat tomorrow.  I thought stop thinking about that, think about my body and space, but I was thinking ooh, baked oatmeal with blueberries and cherries, ooh, I'll bake another beet and cook up some beans and get some sugar snap peas for dinner. Then I thought, oh just enjoy thinking about this, so I thought about those awesome blueberries and cherries and all the great bounty we have and then I got back to the topic at hand.
When I got home I prepped and froze all the blueberries and cherries and ate a lot of the cherries.   so I did overeat...what do you expect from me?! 


Lani said...

going to plant stock too..It will be fun to meet you..Lani

kneecap said...

great, looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Just had beets with tomato sauce. Thanks for reminding me of this combination. I had it a few times last year, but had totally forgotten about its deliciousness.