Sunday, July 21, 2013


Breakfast was fruit and cooked grains.  It was wonderful and quick because I cooked the grains last night and have a freezer full of fruit that I bought and prepped this weekend.   The grains were:  spelt berries, kamut berries, oat groats, and 3 kinds of rice.  I assembled the frozen fruit and grains, and microwaved them for a few minutes and it was done.  It's a delightful breakfast.
Lunch:  corn on the cob and broccoli
Snack:  lots of sugar snap peas and carrots  (can I call that a salad? :) )
Dinner:  onion, kohlrabi, greens, and beans.   I made enough for leftovers tomorrow.
Now I should have stopped here, but I started nibbling on the fruit in the freezer.  then nibbled some more, then couldn't resist repeating breakfast (microwaved fruit and grains).  It was so good but I didn't need it!   oh well.  :)
Exercise:  walk 6.5 miles.


Anonymous said...

Do you cook all the grains for the same time? How long?

kneecap said...

If I happen to be spending time in the kitchen (other food prep or doing dishes), I'll be more careful about it and start with the wheat berries (spelt, kamut), and then add the rice and oat groats 15 minutes later with total cooking time 1 hour and then let it cool down (and cook a little more in the process). You can probably shorten the wheat berry cooking time by soaking for several hours but I usually forget. I think it also works fine to throw it all in and cook for an hour. I cook up a large batch in the evening to have for a few days, so I don't have to wait for it in the morning.