Monday, July 15, 2013


We spent one more morning with family before they departed.   I was kind of surprised that after 6 days of eating burgers and ice cream, they chose Culver's frozen custard (a burger and ice cream joint) for both dinner last night and lunch today.    See, I'm not the only one who repeats meals.
I went grocery shopping this morning and got stocked up on all the food I've been missing.  I usually just buy what looks good and local if possible (it tastes better). I had lots of sugar snap peas for breakfast, and made a big salad for lunch and dinner from lettuce, strawberries, cucumber, and a little dressing made from good balsamic vinegar (sweet), water, ground flax seeds and dill.  I don't think the dill and strawberries is a great combination.  Soon strawberries will be gone and tomatoes will be in.  I love how there's always something good coming in.   
Lunch was salad and a small baked oriental yam.  Dinner was salad and 3 small ears of sweet corn!  It's now officially sweet corn season in Wisconsin and there is a corn stand close to our house that we go there every day--it's picked that morning.  It's great!  
I snacked (er, feasted)  on mulberries on my way home in the evening.  They are at their peak. Here is what my hands look like after I visit the mulberry trees.
haha. Soon these will be gone, but blueberries are just now coming in! What a great time of year!
Tonight I also snacked on some beans and lentils I cooked for tomorrow--I took a taste to see if they were done and they were so good I kept taking tastes. I forgot how good lentils are!  I'm going to add them to my beans from now on I think.
Exercise was swimming 1 mile and biking 8 miles.

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