Saturday, July 20, 2013

7/19 & 7/20/13

Yesterday, we had 2 kids over for a cookout and sleepover so I didn't have time to check in here.   We fed them what we thought they would like so I had a lot of food in my house I don't normally have. We got a whole bunch of fruit too because I know their mom likes them to eat it and I wasn't sure what they would go after (watermelon was the winner). I ate a ton of it and still had tons left, so I prepped it and froze it.  It will be good at breakfast.   
Here are a few observations about my behavior and food.  1)  Watching everyone else feast on their food still makes me want to feast, and I did that by eating way more fruit than I even wanted.    2) In eating a lot of fruit, I didn't eat as much other food like my usual starches (potatoes, yams, grains), and I don't find that nearly as satisying, even when I'm quite full from it.  3) I made them smoothies for breakfast along with their cereal, and for a treat made myself a fruit smoothie. I was amazed at how much fruit went into making one glass of smoothie.  I don't get nearly as full drinking that fruit as I would if I ate it without blending. 4) I overate both yesterday and today.
Yesterday, I ate a big bowl of greens for breakfast; fruit and sugar snap peas for lunch; and tons of fruit and corn on the cob for dinner and dessert.   Today I had more fruit for breakfast in a smoothie, and fruit and sugar snap peas and carrots for lunch.  Then tonight after I resumed my normal life I had a few sweet potatoes, some oat groats and fruit, and a kohlrabi.
ps, we had a wonderful time with the kids.

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