Thursday, July 25, 2013


Breakfast was my favorite right now, the wheat berries and oat groats I had cooked up a few days ago, and frozen blueberries, heated in the microwave.   This time I didn't put in the refined sweetener (my favorite being maple syrup) and, I can't believe I'm saying this, I liked it better?  I could taste the flavors better and the tartness of the blueberries added spunk to it (or something like that).  But I like knowing I can put in the maple syrup if I want to.  
Then I went on a 26 mile bike ride, and rode fast for the last 7 miles to get home in time to have lunch with housemate.  We had sweet corn, a sliced garden tomato, and I made a quick salad using my 5 ripe garden cherry tomatoes.   here's a pic:
everything was local and good.
Then I sat down to read a Ph.D. thesis and just finished.   I feel like a zombie.  For dinner, I grabbed stuff from the fridge:  sugar snap peas, kohlrabi and the rest of the grains that I was having for breakfast.  

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