Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7/23/13, progress report and food logs

I'm on a 28-day challenge over on the E2X website, and today I'm supposed to check in with my week 2 progress report so I'll share it here too.  This week I did most of the stuff asked for:  I worked out plenty, I watched several videos, including Milton Mills and the Engine 2 rescue.  Rip is great and makes it all sound so reasonable!   I didn't eat a big salad everyday though I ate raw veggies every day so I could call those salads.  :)    I did the blogging and checking in.   Where I fell down was in overeating--that was about 3 days worth starting on the weekend when I had guests over and was watching them feast and so I felt I wanted to feast, which I did on fruit and then on grains too yesterday.   I definitely went overboard.   This makes me wonder if allowing just a little bit of salt and sugar in my diet would work in a psychological way to keep me from thinking I'm deprived somehow.  I did an experiment of going without it, which I started on June 11.  So that's 6 weeks.  Now I'm thinking of experimenting with adding it back in in small amounts.  It's still within the parameters of all the plans on E2X, which is what I like about them--the flexibility to find what works for each of us (which may vary in time too).
Today's food was great.  I wasn't hungry at breakfast, so skipped that.  Lunch was  

mmmm, good.  Even housemate will eat this stuff and rave about it.  Dinner was a classic salad--lettuce, tomato, cucumber, balsamic vinegar--, snow peas, and a cooked dish of onion, kohlrabi, zucchini, beans, corn grits, and seasoning (cumin, tandoori mix).   Dessert was a few cherries and a small banana.
Exercise was swimming 55 minutes and: It was a beeeeautiful day, so I walked to this meeting 3 miles away, only I was late so I walked fast.

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