Monday, July 22, 2013

7/22/13, I was a pig (no offense to pigs)

I don't know what got into me, I just kept eating today, seemed to be a continuation of yesterday's fruit indulgence. 
Breakfast was really good again: my cooked grains from Sunday night, and frozen fruit, heated up in the microwave.  so good I had 2 bowls.  then some more fruit!
snack: okay I was taking a break on a long bike ride but still, was I hungry?  not really:  a few cherries and a small banana.
Late lunch was 2 corns on the cob and green beans.
snack:  lots of sugar snap peas and carrots.  
Dinner:  leftover greens and beans and kohlrabi from yesterday
Dessert (really?):  more grains and fruit.  
Exercise:  biked 26 miles, a lovely ride.


BJ in TX said...
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BJ in TX said...

I can't believe you call 26 miles "a lovely walk"! I'm a new "walker" and started out by walking the driveway - out to the mailbox and back. Discovered how out of shape I truly was, and that was the starting point. I now walk at least 3 or 4 miles most days - and that is on some super hilly terrain. I can't imagine 26 miles - walking or anything else! Good for you!

BJ in TX said...

of course I meant "ride"...

kneecap said...

well, I did do a 26 mile walk this summer and it was too much! but a 26 mile bike ride isn't so bad. and I'm in better shape this summer for riding than I have been for a long time. it feels good. it is true, if you just keep plugging away you get better and better. :) I mean, look at you, from the driveway to 3-4 miles. that's huge!