Saturday, July 13, 2013

7/13/13, same old, same old.

yes, same as yesterday:  great weather, great biking, great golf spectating.  We had to switch hotels tonight--not too big a deal.  My fruit was mulberries on the bike path, and 2 apples on the golf course.  Am I tired of the food yet?  It still tastes good, but on Monday I'm looking forward to separating out the food again, i.e., having a baked sweet potato all on its own with collards and onions on the side (one of my favorite meals).  oh wait, on Monday we should have sweet corn (the season is starting now).  ooh la la.
I've had some nice conversations on my bike with locals (it usually starts with "how far does this bike path go?"  or "where am I?").  It reminds me that there are all kinds of ways to get a feel for the local community.  It doesn't have to involve eating at touristy restaurants.  :)
I was thinking tonight that an Insta-pot pressure cooker would work well in the hotel room.  It's electric and it would cook up faster than what I'm using.  I never got good at using it--was always overcooking my stuff--and it's heavier than my current setup, and I don't find the longer cooking times a problem.  But others might prefer it.

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