Monday, July 29, 2013

7/29/13, besghetti

oops I forgot to post here the last few days.  I've been posting over at E2X.  Well, here's today's:

I'm in a wheat phase. I don't normally eat wheat because I think it bothers me a bit, but I've been wondering how much is real and how much is me falling for all the wheat-bashing going on.  From my recent experimenting, I don't think the Spelt berries bother me. Today's breakfast was 10-grain cereal from Bob's Red Mill. That did bother me a bit, made me feel groggy, but maybe it was instead because I overate last night. I made spaghetti for dinner tonight and that didn't bother me, but I used that ancient Eikhorn grain. Bread bothers me, makes me stimulated, then groggy. Neal Barnard says it's because the bubbles in the dough give it a huge surface area which allows it to digest very quickly which causes a blood sugar spike, then crash. What was interesting today was that I didn't like the cereal that much, and I liked the spaghetti even less. My spaghetti sauce was good but combined with the pasta it tasted too wheaty.  I think for me the pastas and breads and cereals (except for the wheat berries) don't taste as well without salt or fat or sugar slathered on top. Maybe that's just because that's how I used to eat them before I became plant strong.  Well, enough rambling about that, but it relates to what I'm going to eat tomorrow.  
Food for today: Breakfast was the 10-grain cereal and blueberries. Even with a tsp of maple syrup, it wasn't as good as wheat berries and oat groats (or steel cut oats) in my view.  Lunch was corn on the cob and green beans from the garden. I prepared dinner before lunch: spaghetti and sauce, and a whole mess of collard greens and kale and onion. I called it besghetti in the title because I added little red beans to the sauce which I liked. I worked later than planned so when I got home I had 15 minutes to eat dinner, before going to a meeting. I snarfed down the besghetti, then remember the greens so snarfed some of them. Here's a picture of the besghetti before I remembered the greens:
Also in the picture is a book I just bought for some daily inspiration, as I like veganism for it's own sake, not just health. Anyway, the sauce was good, with lots of local and garden stuff: onions, garlic, tomatoes, shitake and elephant mushrooms (I prefer just the white and crimini and will use those next time), lots of basil, small red beans. I had that over the whole wheat eikhorn spaghetti, and topped it with a smashed walnut half. I know, not part of the captain's plan.  I weighed it and it came in at 3 g, or 19 calories. I decided 21 days into Captain's plan, if that's all the nuts I had, I'm okay with that. Even the coaches say no one is perfect. Plus it has 0.3g of omega 3s. I'm not a big fan of the flax seeds so I'd rather eat a walnut half.   
Anyway, the final thing I wanted to say was, as I was eating my besghetti, I was thinking, yuck on the pasta, I wonder what this would be like on potatoes. But it's not potato season in Wisconsin yet, and I think it's fun to eat what's in season, so I bought some beets and tonight I chopped and baked up some beets and kohlrabi (again with the kohlrabi?) for tomorrow. I also cooked up some white wheat berries (for more experimentation) for breakfast. I'll be gone all day and evening tomorrow. So I'll have the wheat berries before I go, then the tomato sauce on the veggies for lunch and dinner along with the rest of the greens. I have no idea if this will taste good! could be a complete disaster. I mean, beets and tomatoes? I don't think I've had that combination. could be yucky.  But I think it's fun to do this sort of thing so I won't mind even if it's a flop.
Exercise:  biked 14 miles, walked 3.


Ivy said...

Just an idea, but zucchini julienned like pasta, raw or lightly sauteed or steamed, would be great with your sauce. I am interested to hear how the beets work though.

kneecap said...

right, thanks for the reminder. I love zucchini. beets were great!