Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Today I practiced simple and I liked it!  Breakfast was a bowl of beans and lentils (cooked a few days ago) before my bike ride. I also ate some raw cabbage. I ate mulberries on the ride.  It was a good 30 mile ride on a hot day.   I snacked on raw kohlrabi when I got back, and some more raw cabbage., 
Lunch was corn on the cob (3 small ears), beans from the garden, half of a small tomato (first from the garden).   
Early dinner was a big batch of collards and onion and oriental yam and zucchini (oops, too complicated?  haha).   
During my evening meeting, someone brought grapes which I enjoyed.  After my meeting I went grocery shopping and snacked a little on sugar snap peas, saving most for tomorrow.  Dessert was:
Look how easy that was to prepare!  Now that is simple, and it was gooooood.   fresh local sweet cherries and perfectly ripe banana.
As part of week 2 in the E2X Captain's challenge, we're supposed to eat a big salad every day.  If you can count the kohlrabi, raw cabbage, little half tomato, sugar snap peas and a few carrots as a big salad, my goal was accomplished.


Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say how much I love your blog. Your enthusiasm about your simple, plant-based meals is infectious!

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