Wednesday, July 10, 2013


This is day 2 of my trip and the 28-day challenge.   First, I wanted to post a few more photos of how I do food prep.   Here is my food gear, tucked under the desk.  That shows what I have to pack in my car in addition to a suitcase.   The electric cooler is to the right of the desk--that works both in the car and the hotel room.  It has the collards and kale.   The green bag on top as the potatoes and sweet potatoes.  The onions and kohlrabi and cabbage are in the fridge.  Everything else is not food-related.
Next is the line-up for prepping today's meal, not including the collards and kale.  I start by cooking the onions with no water, then add water when I think the smoke alarm might go off, then add the kohlrabi, potatoes and sweet potatoes, then the greens, then cabbage.  Let that cook.  Then add the oats,  spices, then to help cool, add the beans and tomatoes--though I added their water earlier.   Tonight's spices were cumin, curry, and a little garlic powder.  It's really good and I had a hard time not eating it while dishing out into tomorrow's bowls.
Today was very fun.  I rode my bike along the Mississippi River, then went to the golf course in the afternoon.  I ate the food I prepared last night.  The bananas in the hotel were not appealing  and there were none on the golf course.  But I got some good surprises.  First, there were lots of mulberry trees on my bike ride.   For your information, here is how you spot a mulberry tree:
from the smashed berries on the ground!   then at the golf course, I got a really good apple!  Pork seems to be the food of choice around here, as you can see by these concession signs:
But one place had apples.  I didn't have high expectations, but it was a really good fresh crisp red delicious, so that was great:
I hope everyone else had a great day today.


trish said...

You are organized! Just wondering what your heating element is...induction?

kneecap said...

I guess so. it's just like the an electric stove at home, as opposed to gas.