Wednesday, December 9, 2009

dec. 9

darn it, I ate too much today. namely too much fruit, too many nuts. Well, I probably didn't eat more than 5 oz of nuts so I could have done worse there. But too much fruit! It's been a gradual crescendo the last few days with the fruit. Well, I don't want to spend time logging my excess fruit/nut intake because we're watching Mary Tyler Moore. We had 17" of snow today. I shoveled snow for 4.5 hours!


Darryl said...

I sounds like you worked off those 5 oz of nuts pretty fast, with all that snow shoveling! We were lucky here in central Oklahoma, the big storm just missed us.

kneecap said...

yeah, working out did offset my indulgence somewhat, but I wasn't too hungry the next day (today), which is evidence that I overdid it. I'm back to being hungry tonight though.

This was the biggest snowfall I've ever seen in these parts. I have seen bigger ones elsewhere but didn't have to shovel.