Tuesday, December 8, 2009

dec. 8

We're supposed to get a blizzard tomorrow so I harvested the rest of the kale and collards from the garden today. I'd never find the kale under a foot of snow. Here it is under just a couple of inches:

Here are the collards before harvesting, looking under the weather, but I have confirmed that they taste sweeter after being frozen.

Here's a trimmed plant afterwards. I wonder if it will keep growing.

After cleaning and chopping there were about 2 lbs of greens! I steamed them and made a big batch of my usual beans & greens & seeds and blended root veggies. The root veggies were a rutabaga and a beet. They got blended with 1/4 cup sesame seeds and some lemon juice and the water from the steaming. Oh I also added juice from a small fresh pomegranate. That plus the beans (cooked in carrot juice) made a nice sauce. These particular beans are really good. They are big and hearty and meaty. They are from the Rancho Gordo store. I think these were the Ayocote Morado Beans (purple runners). I don't see them on the website now. I like their big beans the best. They are creamy. Anyway, this was yummy, and this was confirmed by my collaborator who ate a helping. He's a SAD eater (Standard American Diet), so if he likes them, probably other SAD eaters would too. House mate is eating some now too, even though she says she doesn't like beets. I told her they are such a small component, it shouldn't affect the taste.

Since brekky was late, I wasn't hungry again until 5 pm. Actually even then I wasn't hungry but that didn't stop me from going on a fruit binge again. I had a large grapefruit, small pomegranate, banana walnut ice cream (1.5 bananas, 0.5 oz walnuts, water blended until creamy---amazingly good!), a pear, oh and I made this carrot-pineapple drink I read about on the Fuhrman forums: 3 oz carrots, 10 oz frozen pineapples, some lemon juice and water blended up. It was very refreshing, though I like carrots and pineapples on their own probably just as much.

Total calories: 1734, protein 72 g (9%), carbs 359 g (76%), fat 28 g (14%).

I feel that I overate both yesterday and today so I think that means I need fewer calories than may average of late of about 1770. I'll try to eat what feels right the next few days and see how many calories that amounts to.

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