Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dec. 2 food

Brekky (10:30 am) cabbage/bok choy salad

lunch (1 pm): some fruit (banana, grapes, small pomegranate).

I was out with a friend during the dinner hour, so we stopped at the co-op and I got a grapefruit and some brazil nuts. Then when I got home I snacked a little bit on the smoothies I made for housemate. But not too much.

This doesn't look like that much food but here's my nutritional breakdown:
calories: 2022, protein 53 g (9%), carbs 311 g (55%), fat 82 g (36%).

The nuts and seeds add up the calories! It was mainly the brazil nuts at dinner. It's hard to get a 1 oz size portion from the dispenser at my grocery store. that's my excuse, ha. so I ate closer to 3 oz.

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