Monday, September 1, 2008

food aug 31 and sept 1

breakfast:  berry smoothie

lunch:  green smoothie and some cabbage salad.  I thought I was going to be away all day but was able to come home for lunch after all, but the smoothie was already thawing so I ate it anyway.  so the watermelon I've been eyeing had to wait until

dinner:  1/2 small watermelon, corn on the cob with avocado butter, a little cabbage salad

then today I had

breakfast:  berry smoothie

snack:  Colorado peach

late lunch after hiking in the heat:  1/2 small watermelon.   perfect!  

dinner:  a weird okra salad that I actually kind of like.  But it might be too weird for my friends and family.  I saw fresh locally grown okra at the co-op and I love okra, due to my southern heritage, and we almost never get okra in Wisconsin (now there's something to plant in the garden next year!).  Normally I would have made gumbo and I had a recipe picked out from one of my cookbooks that also includes corn and bell pepper which I have fresh from the garden and corn stand.  but it's hot out (finally at couple of hot days to enjoy!) and I don't feel like cooking.  so I made an okra salad.   If you want a recommendation for something more normal to do with okra, here are a couple of gumbo recipes from  blackeyed pea gumbo, and garden gumbo.  I've made both and they are good.  Or here is a recipe from the same site for roasted okra, or stewed okra with tomatoes.  ooh I hadn't seen that last one until now.  I might try that out with the remaining okra.  Anyway, along with the okra salad, we had, what else, corn on the cob with avocado spread.  I added a few more herbs from the garden to the avocado, some rosemary and mint and parsley, along with the usual chives and basil.  just a little of everything.  it was good as always.  We don't expect to get corn until next weekend now and then only for a couple more weekends, so I will have to come up with something else to eat for lunch every day.  Well, it was great while it lasted.  We never got tired of it.

Exercise:  yesterday, nothing, except a short walk, 2 miles.  today, a 5 mile walk in a sanctuary.  oh and a made-up MGB body power workout at home.  I have a medicine ball and power wheel and a strap to do assisted chin ups with.   

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