Monday, September 29, 2008

sept. 28-29 food

sept. 28
Breakfast:  rest of yesterdays green smoothie.

Lunch:  nachos

Dinner:  leftover ratatouille.  dessert, apple.  later on, oops, 4 (eek) dates stuffed with walnuts.  I was bad.  oh well, the dates are gone now.  Ironically I'm not in the mood for them right now which is why I finished them off.

sept. 29
Breakfast:  Collard green smoothie.  This was good enough I finally made a recipe out of it.

Lunch:  leftover ratatouille.  dessert, 2 small apples.

Dinner:  rest of green smoothie.

I'm super busy at work for at least a few weeks, so will probably drink two smoothies a day a lot.  It takes less time and hopefully gives me more energy.  

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