Saturday, September 27, 2008

sept. 27 food

Breakfast:  green smoothie.  this is pretty much the spinach-mango green smoothie but I am still low on bananas so used fresh figs and pineapple instead of the banana.  I don't desire the dates for sweetening anymore, because I like the fruit sweetening and the taste of the greens now.  I went grocery shopping last night and got an 8 oz bag of locally grown spinach, yum, so that's what I used instead of the garden collard greens and kale which are still flourishing.  I'll get back to those tomorrow.  I also got the fresh figs.  I really like those now.  And I got some bananas but they can use a day or two of ripening.

Late lunch:   Ratatouille.   I had several helpings so called it dinner too.  

Dessert: 2 small apples and a small pear (all local--so juicy!)

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