Thursday, September 25, 2008

sept 25, 2008 food

breakfast:  rest of yesterday's green smoothie

lunch:  rest of yesterday's daal with peas and quinoa.  This was even better today because I added orange juice.  I also put in a bit too much cilantro so I'll have to remember not to try to fix a recipe with cilantro.  I really like this dish now.  I will update the recipe to include the orange juice.  Also had a salad--lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms (all local!), and leftover blueberry dressing that I froze (made from frozen blueberries, figs and sunflower seeds).

dinner:  green smoothie.  I'm low on bananas so this one had 2 large collard greens, a bunch of kale leaves, a bag of concord grapes (local, and good!), and a frozen bag of cherries.  and then the usual Tbsp each of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds (raw and in my freezer), and 2 Tbsp of ground flax seeds.  I put in the extra seeds since I split this into two servings.   I also had a delicious local pear.   This is a great time of year for local food!

I've gotten pretty good at not snacking lately.  Fuhrman is right that once you do it for a while (just a few days in my case), and if you eat healthy, you lose your "toxic hunger" that most people get a few hours after eating.  This makes life simpler because I spend less time thinking about eating and more time on the rest of life, which is probably healthy mentally.  I'm slowly getting over my trip exhaustion.  Could that have been the detox that Fuhrman talks about when you stop eating unhealthy food?  

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