Saturday, September 27, 2008

sept. 26 food

breakfast:  rest of yesterday's green smoothie

lunch:  what was left in the fridge:  2 beets, a sweet potato, half a leek, fresh local edamame (yum!), half a cauliflower.  I started the beets, leek and cauliflower boiling in maybe a cup of water.  then cooked the edamame separately (boil for a few minutes) and shelled them (squirt the peas out of the pod), then added the sweet potatoes, cooked for about 10-15 more minutes, added the edamame, added some chives, parsley and basil from the garden.  It was very good.  the water boils away mostly so you get all the nutrients.   dessert was an orange.

dinner:  leftover lunch, dessert was an apple.  it was locally grown and, wow, they are much better than the ones shipped from thousands of miles away.    then I was bad when I got home and snacked on a couple of dates with walnuts (take the pits out of the dates, replace them with walnuts, microwave for 10 seconds), and another small apple.

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