Saturday, October 31, 2009


Today I harvested our compost! This is about a 2 hour job that I do twice a year. That's easiest enough. We use a very low-tech and low-maintenance method for composting. We made a chicken wire/lattice box divided into two areas. We throw produce and yard waste on one side for 6 months while the other side composts, then repeat. If I am not totally lazy, I'll turn the compost occasionally. I think I did it once this summer. Here's our bin. We've been throwing produce into the left side since spring and let the right side compost our winter waste. You can see corn stalks growing out of the left side (in front). We ate lots of corn this summer.

Here's a close-up of the right side. I dug it all up and threw it over the fence into the garden.

Now it's all dug up and in a pile just behind the fence in the garden:

Now I'll move the pile from the left into the right side, mainly to just turn it over. It might be hard to see but there's worms everywhere. No need to buy worms for our pile.

The bottom of the left side was composted too so I threw that in the garden. Now the left side has been turned over and is on the right side. That will finish composting over winter and we'll fill up the left side with produce and yard waste.

Here's the pile in the garden:

I started spreading it but got tired. I'll finish tomorrow.

Here's our collards and kale, still going strong!

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