Sunday, October 5, 2008

oct. 3-5 food

I'm still super busy at work for 5 more days.  I think eating healthy is helping me with the endurance on this work project.  You can use drugs (caffeine) for an all-nighter but you can't keep it up and this work project has been going on for over 2 weeks of 14-16 hour days.  It helps to get a little break too.  Yesterday I only worked for about 8 hours (it was Saturday.  believe me, I can't wait to get back to a normal life!).  I had a great workout at the gym too.  and I took a nap in the afternoon.   So I sort of relaxed (sort of).

Oct. 3 
Breakfast:  collard green smoothie, this one had mangos and OJ and two bananas, very good
Lunch:  rest of yesterday's spinach-berry smoothie.
Dinner:  went grocery shopping, bought tons of fruit, salivated over that, so just ate a bunch of stuff from the produce aisle for dinner--apples, figs, strawberries, pineapple, a carrot, some grapes, some mushrooms, made some blueberry fig sorbet and ate half that.   It was yummy.

Oct. 4 
Breakfast: another  spinach-berry smoothie
Lunch:  "spaghetti."   I didn't have onions, so used a bunch of mushrooms instead.  I added figs too, at the end.  figs are great in just about anything!  I'm realizing if you don't use oil and salt, some sort of fruit is a good flavor addition.  Oh, I didn't put the carrot in because I was just making one serving and didn't feel like it. See, you don't have to follow recipes exactly!  --unless you are baking, which is why I'm such a lousy baker.
Dinner:  cabbage salad, rest of yesterday's blueberry-fig sorbet

Oct. 5
Breakfast:  rest of yesterday's spinach-berry smoothie
Lunch:  cabbage salad, some mushrooms, lots of grapes, a small pear, 2 figs
Dinner:  edamame and pesto.
at least, that's the plan...

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