Tuesday, October 28, 2008

oct 27-28 food

oct. 27

breakfast:  apple, some walnuts and strawberries

snacked while making lunch and dinner

lunch:  leftover carrot lentil soup.  salad (lettuce, avocado, strawberries) + dressing (orange juice, almonds, figs blended)

oct. 28

breakfast:  apple,  sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds

snacked while making lunch

lunch:  made "Black Forest Cream of Mushroom soup"  from the Fuhrman web site (which means I can't share it, sorry...).  It took a while to make but was wonderful and makes lots of leftovers to freeze so the time investment is worth it---though it's harder to do on a weekday than a weekend, I was rushed today.  I'm going to bring all these soups to my Vegan cooking class tomorrow.  

dinner:  leftover salad and dressing from yesterday.  a very small bowl of soup leftover from lunch.  collard green smoothie.  Last night we had our first freeze in the garden.  The collard greens barely survived but the kale mostly looked okay.  if they freeze tonight, I'll cut them up and freeze them.  I think I might have another week's worth of collard greens and kale from the garden.  The growth rate has slowed a lot.  This has been such a great crop though.   I haven't had to buy any collard greens or kale!  And I eat a lot of them!  

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