Friday, October 24, 2008

Food Oct 23-24

Oct. 23   

Breakfast:  still full from yesterday and last night!, no breakfast

Lunch:  leftover salad and dressing from yesterday's cooking class.  good!  for dessert, a cup of warm soy milk with carab powder.   For fun, I experimented buying some raw and roasted carab.  tried both out. Usually I make my own soy milk but bought some for the cooking class.  It is sweet!  They must add a lot of sweetener to it.  It is good I admit that.  the best brand in my opinion is Organic Valley.  

Dinner:  collard green smoothie.  ate some grapes and an apple while making it.   had a cup of warm soy milk with the carab again.  I think I like the raw better.

Oct. 24

Breakfast:  apple, some sunflower seeds, a little of last night's green collard smoothie--it filled more than 2 glasses.  and finished off with warm soy milk.  this time without carab.  that was best of all I think.  

Lunch:  took some of that Fuhrman's famous anti-cancer soup out of the freezer.  I'm sorry but that name does not appeal to me.  It gives me visions of cancer and medicine.  But it's great that it makes so much and I still have a few more containers in the freezer.  I also had some carrots and an apple.  I'm running low on food which made me break in to my first bag of locally grown carrots for the season.  Boy are they good.  Amazing how much better the locally grown stuff is.  That's why I've been eating a lot of apples too because they are local and they are so much better than the ones shipped from Washington and New Zealand.

Dinner:  rest of yesterday's collard green smoothie (I freeze it to keep it fresh and it thawed in the fridge during the day).  more carrots, an apple.  then 2 vegan "cowgirl" cookies at a gathering I went to tonight.   these are the co-op's healthier version of chocolate chip cookies and I think they taste better than their regular vegan version.

Comment:  I've noticed that my breakfast time is pretty close to lunch--only about 2-3 hours difference because I go to my exercise class first and then often grocery shop or run errands on the way home; and then I'm not really hungry at lunch.   So I'm experimenting with eating less for breakfast and then having the smoothie at dinner.  I have funny work hours so dinner for me is more like lunch for most people and lunch for me is more like dinner for most people.  So the smoothie is easy to make for dinner.  It is very filling, which is why it's problematic to eat at breakfast.  

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