Saturday, November 8, 2008

friday and saturday food log

let's see, yesterday I had an apple and must have had some other fruit for breakfast.  lunch and dinner were my new favorite dish (until I get tired of it):  mashed sweet potato with pumpkin pie spice, and steamed brussel sprouts.   I'm sure I snacked a lot too (on fruit and probably nuts and seeds) because that is what I've been doing lately--it's all healthy stuff but it's too much.  lLst night at a gathering with friends I had some tortilla chips (oops) and guacamole.

This morning I went grocery shopping and then ate grapes, an apple, a large orange and a bunch of brazil nuts for breakfast.  too much as usual.  was still full at yoga class at 12:30.  lunch was the mashed sweet potato again, and an apple, and some raw pistachio nuts (as good as roasted as far as I can tell).  also had some greens from a bag.   I eat them like potato chips.  it's good.   for dinner I made a soup and combined two ideas and it turned out pretty bad.  I started with the "gorgeous garlic greens soup" from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's website (you have to purchase the recipe).  then instead of veggie broth I put in carrot,celery and beet juice.  Well, sweet juice and garlic is not a good combination.  I had some leftover wine from a friend's visit early in the week, and added that to see if I could fix it but that made it worse.  so now I have this big pot of lousy soup.  oh well, at least it was greens from the garden.  I was thinking today what a great bargain that has been.  We spend about $10 for our initial collard greens and kale plants and seeds, and have been eating them in large amounts for the last 4 months!   That would probably cost at least $10 a week or more at the store, so a few hundred bucks.   

The other thing I made tonight was cabbage salad.  I thought of an improvement to the cabbage salad that I will implement next time.  I already edited the recipe even though I haven't tried it, but it's an obvious improvement (blend the walnuts and orange juice before adding).  

We'll probably try to eat some soup tomorrow but I think we'll probably throw out the rest.  oh well!    I ended up eating an entire bag of grapes today.  I'm really a pig these days.  I think I'm trying too hard to be healthy and it's making me think about food too much and then eating more of it than I should.  And I've been trying to follow Dr. Fuhrman's plan which says not to snack, so then that makes me want to snack.  My pigging out is on healthy food but it's unhealthy to pig out and get so full.  I'm surprised I haven't gained weight--or maybe I have, I haven't checked lately.  I think I need to back off, not from healthy eating, but from thinking about it.  So I'm not in the mood to blog right now either.   Plus, the point of the blog is to show people how to eat healthy, and if I'm not succeeding, what's the point then?  though I am eating healthy, just too much of it.  

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