Thursday, July 26, 2012

Food lately

I've been busy and will be even more busy the next 10 days.  Fortunately food prep is pretty much a breeze these days.   Here are some snapshots I took this week.

This is something I like for breakfast or dessert or a snack:  frozen fruit and home made soy yogurt.  I like how the soy yogurt freezes onto the fruit.  This batch was particularly good because the mangoes and blueberries were quite good (from a very good local produce store):

Here's a more hearty breakfast with buckwheat groats.  I like this a lot.  You can soak the groats overnight or just cook them in the morning.  I usually soak them overnight, then rinse off the gooey water, then heat in the microwave for a minute, then let sit for a bit, and then it's ready to eat.  I add soy yogurt (or not) and frozen or fresh fruit, and when I remember, cinnamon (need to remember that more).

On to lunch.  I made this salad a few days ago.  It's tomatoes, cucumber, kohlrabi, soy yogurt, and dill.  The cucumber was a little bitter but the kohlrabi was good.  It might be too crunchy for some people.  I had part of this for lunch, part for dinner.

You might get the impression that I eat a lot of soy yogurt.  Actually I only use a small amount on most dishes.  I probably average 1/2 jar a day so that's only 2.2 oz of soy milk.  Some days I eat a whole jar, others none (like today).

On the weekend I talked about food prep I did for potato and kohlrabi hash browns and greens (which I'm not thrilled with, see below).  Here it is cooking up with onions.  I browned the onions first, then added water, the potatoes and kohlrabi, then greens on top, and let it cook.  Oh, freezing the greens is great because you just crinkle them and they break into small pieces--no chopping.  Freezing the potatoes and kohlrabi, I'm not so sure.  I have to use a hammer to break off a serving for cooking (and then microwave to thaw).  And the preparation was kind of a mess and involved cleaning the food processor (I don't have an automatic dishwasher so prefer fewer dishes to wash).

Here it is cooked up, with corn on the cob.  oh cool, it's Green Bay Packers colors.  That drink by the way is veggie broth.  Whenever I steam veggies, I make "tea" out of the water.  I don't know what I steamed this day.  Maybe I just used the water from boiling the corn.

Now, I'm not a big fan of the hash browns and greens.  I think mixing greens with things can ruin them.  Next time I will try cooking them separately and see if I like that better--so hash browns get their own spot on the plate.  I like greens by themselves anyway--you can add vinegar if you think they need something. 

Today I finally had mashed potatoes!  This lunch was so good and healthy compared to the usual version (no butter, salt, milk).  I cooked up onion, garlic (just 1/2 clove so as not to overwhelm), potatoes, drained the water (used it for "tea" again, along with corn water), then added some soy milk and whipped them up.  The onion and garlic added a nice flavor, along with some fresh parsley and no-salt seasoning.   It helps to brown the onions so they get a sweet flavor.   I thoroughly enjoyed this comfort meal.  I wish I had eaten it more slowly!  Hey, more Packer colors.  Maybe that's why I like this meal so much.

Okay, now dinners.  I usually have two dinners.  Well, I have 4 meals a day, none of which are very big. I have my first dinner about 5 pm, at work.  Then my second dinner about 8 pm when I get home.  My first dinner has the most calories probably.   Yesterday I had burger collard wraps.  I love these!  I cooked up the burger in my new grill pan, which I also love!  I love how it makes grill marks.  Silly, but fun.  Okay, the toppings for the burger were, from left to right, mustard (no-salt), soy yogurt, 2 grapes and some cherry tomatoes slices (I call that ketchup!), and in the bowl, sliced cucumbers and red onions soaked in d'angou pear vinegar (with dill if available).  This is easy to prepare and enjoyable to eat.  I boil the collards for a bit to soften them up.

That was my 5 pm meal yesterday.  Today it was tofu jambalaya.  And I usually have a lot of raw carrots--we get them fresh from the farmer's market now and about half of them are super sweet.  It's funny when you bite into one, you don't know if it will be normal tasting or candy tasting.  

When I get home at 7:30 pm or so, I just want something light and easy.  Salad fits the bill usually.  Today it was lettuce, tomatoes (from the garden!), mushrooms cooked in the microwave with date syrup and ground flax seeds, a little red and green bell pepper, and a little parsley (leftover from lunch).  It was very enjoyable.

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