Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 17th food logs

Here's what I ate today.

Breakfast was cooked quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth, with blueberries, mango, cinnamon, and a dash of soy milk.  The cooked cereal was too gooey.  I need to experiment more to see what textures and flavors I like best.  I'm thinking the buckwheat might come out on top when I figure out how I like to cook it.

Here was lunch:
That's a collard wrap with Jeff Novick's kasha burger (yum yum yum), oven fried potatoes with some soy yogurt, and kale, onions, and zucchini.

Here's a close up on the yummy potatoes.  These are baked first, then cut, then broiled until brown.  I added my favorite seasoning, Penzey's mural of flavors, before broiling.    I love these:

Here's assembly of the collard wrap:  boiled the collard, 1/2 burger on top,

Then top with my yummy condiments:  "pickles" (cucumber with d'angou pear vinegar), salsa, soy yogurt, onions (also marinated in d'angou pear vinegar), sautéed mushrooms.  Then roll it up.

Dinner was the same except a baked sweet potato replaced the oven fries.

Snack was a baked beet and kohlrabi.

okay, all was well until I ate too many of the profits from our purchase today.  I bought 10 lbs of blueberries from a local produce store.  They are really good.  I ate some in the car, I ate some in the office, and I ate a whole bunch when I got home and was filling up the freezer bags.

Then while housemate enjoyed some blueberries and ice cream, I enjoyed some blueberries, mangos and soy yogurt.
And if that wasn't enough, I had a second helping, this time with half a banana instead of mango.

So I don't know how many blueberries I had.  I was logging my food in cronometer until the blueberries started pouring into my mouth.   I don't want to know what damage I did.  I am going to bury my head in the sand.   However, I can say that my starches and grains totaled 932 calories, my veggies were 315 calories, and I ate 2.3 lbs of veggies.  My fruit proportion may have dominated the calories (I don't want to know!).    One thing to note is my potatoes are pretty small, and my sweet potatoes are pretty big, so I think I'll cut my sweet potatoes in half for a daily portion.    I might go without the beets too--I think that oxalic acid bothers my throat a bit.   We've been missing sweet corn this week because of being away at lunchtime.  Tomorrow I hope to score some corn and maybe not bother with the sweet potato at all.

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