Wednesday, July 18, 2012

quick update

Not much time to post today and maybe for the next few days.  Just a couple of fun things to report:

1)  Today I bought lunch from a food cart.  Not only was it healthy, it was good.  this is a rare treat.  I got it from this cart:  Igo Vego.  Now I'm trying to remember which one I got.  I asked for the gluten free option and I think it was the mystic mushroom but it might have been a different burger on top of the rice.  She said soon most of the burgers will be gluten-free.  The rice has no salt or oil, the burgers have no oil, little salt.  They do put a little oil on the grill to fry but you can ask them to use water instead.  She showed me the nutritional info on the entrees, and the salt, fat and sugar look to be well within acceptable limits.   Isn't that cool?   And they are good!  woo hoo!  Oh, and then at the terrace where I was eating lunch, I bought a grilled corn on the cob.  Nice to know you can buy lunch and healthy treats on the go.
2) Tomorrow I'm going to a cookout and the host asked if there is a veggie burger she could buy or make, and I said, "I have some in my freezer, can I just bring those?" and she said, Yes!   She will also have fruit salad and green salad.  How easy is that?  I love having these burgers on hand in the freezer!
3) Yesterday, I went computer shopping, and it turns out the computer store is right next to the fun kitchen store.  I've been wanting a grill pan, a small fry pan, and a small pot.  I got all three, paying way too much for the small pot but going for the impulse convenience of it all.  Here is my grill pan in action:


Kris said...

Hi Barb,

Do you have any burger recipes? I'd like to experiment more with them. I've got the Novick Burgers and Fries DVD.

Finding a lot of inspiration from your blog and your new insights.

kneecap said...

Hi Kris,

Right now I'm just using the Novick recipes--you can print those out from his DVD. My friend Holly has shared some recipes with me. I'll ask her if I can post them.