Saturday, November 20, 2010

this week's beans

This week I went back to my old easy way of preparing beans.

2 lbs beans (from my Rancho Gordo selections)
juice from 7 lbs carrots (about 45 oz) (5 lbs is fine, I just had extra)
1 lb mushrooms (oyster, crimini, shitake)
1 lb leeks or onions
1 sweet potato
1 lb collards or kale (optional).

chop the mushrooms and onions and sweet potato in a food processor (or with a knife). Combine everything in a large stock pot. Soak overnight in fridge. Cook the next day for about 4 hours. Add some chopped greens to the pot if you'd like, at the beginning or within an hour of finishing cooking.

Update on the beans after cooking: the mushrooms definitely add a meaty flavor, which is actually a nice touch in winter--feels more hearty. It's good as is, or with some frozen sweet corn added to it (then warmed of course!), or combined with steamed veggies.


Maija Haavisto said...

Sounds very yummy! Seems like it makes a massive amount though, I'd have to reduce the amounts by quite a bit to even have a pot large enough to cook it all in. :-o

kneecap said...

HI Maija,

You can easily halve the recipe. I freeze these into 1-cup portions and it lasts 2 weeks! (for 2 people).