Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall microsalads

Here's what my microsalads have been like lately.

Chop in a food processor and stir into a big bowl:
1 head romaine lettuce (about 1/2-1 lb total)
1/4-1/2 lb broccoli
1/4 - 1/2 lb cauliflower
1/4 - 1/2 lb purple cabbage
1/4 lb bok choy or baby bok choy

puree in a food processor and add to the bowl:
1-2 oranges (2 if small), peeled, remove seeds
1 banana peeled
1 apple and/or 1 pear (or 2 small apples)

Then stir into the bowl:
1 oz ground seeds (pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, hemp) and pignolias
pomegranate seeds from 1 pomegranate

add 1/2 cup edamame

This fits into three 3-cup tupperware bowls. Total calories (without edamame) is about 1000 so it's substantial! This tastes like dessert to me. It's crisp, fresh, inviting, zingy (from the pomegranate), and sweet (banana, orange and apple!). It's real yummy! This post describes how to "peel" a pomegranate and extract the seeds.

Here's the fruit I used one day. At left is a persimmons--I left that off the ingredients list because I use it rarely but it's a nice treat when you have a ripe one.

Here's the final product. It may not look like much but boy is it tasty:


julia said...

Hi Barb!

About how much broc, caul, and cabb do you use in your fall micro salad in cups?

I love your blog, thanks for doing it!


kneecap said...

Hi Julia,

Thanks for the question. I edited the post to include amounts. I hope that helps!


Kacy said...

Hey Barb!

I keep wanting to try this but just haven't done it yet. I don't have a food processor so, I'll have to get that, first. Haha!

Maybe trying microsalads, finally, will be my new years resolution.

Keep the great recipes coming!


kneecap said...

HI Kacy!

Is food processor on your christmas wish list? (if you celebrate it, that is...). Nice of you to say, "keep the great recipes coming" because I've been pretty boring lately. I just don't have much time to be creative in the kitchen these days. One of these days, I'll lose my job and then I'll be able to spend more time cooking!


Gigi said...

Hi Barb,

I've been a little intimidating to buy a pomegranate whole and de-seed it myself, but after seeing this microsalad, I decided to give it a try and it is wonderful. I'm having my second salad for lunch now. I love the flavor and texture it adds to the greens and veggies. I don't usually add fruit to my microsalad just in case I want to have a savory/garlicy salad for lunch or dinner, but today I added fresh squeezed tangerine juice (with pulp)and a cut up apple and it is marvelous. Thanks so much!