Wednesday, December 3, 2014

food log following ETL

Here is a day of logging food following Dr. Fuhrman's 6 week plan (6WP) outlined in his Eat to Live (ETL) book (click to enlarge).

The logs from a few posts ago were McDougall's Maximum Weight Loss (MWL) plan.   Here was another.

In today's log, I separated the foods into the way Fuhrman recommends:  about 1 lb of raw veggies, 1 lb of cooked, 1 oz of nuts and seeds, 1 cup of starch.   But the foods were actually combined into meals.  For example, I made a mushroom stroganoff (very good!) with lots of the cooked veggies and yogurt with chia seed in it--that thickens it up and gives me some omega-3.   The squash, banana, walnuts and a splash of soy milk went into a pudding that was delicious.   The oranges and juice and hemp seed and sesame went into a salad dressing for a salad, also delicious.  I finally have a taste for that sesame flavor--used to hate it.

So which one do I like better, the Fuhrman 6WP or the MWL?  I never got over my taste for fat so the 6WP wins for me.   The 6WP day was 15% fat and the MWL day was 6% (7.5% on the day I included chia seeds).   I also like the salad dressing way better than any non-fat I've tried--in fact, I just stopped using salad dressing with MWL.   The low-fat guys say fat is an addiction and you'll lose your taste in a few months.  I never lasted more than a month on MWL but I did get tired of the starches--literally, they make me groggy when I eat too many.  Also most of the McDougall/Esselstyn meals require salt to make them taste good.  I really developed a taste for salt following these guys.   I didn't allow it most of the time but I craved it and went off plan to get it--not their fault of course.

So I'm considering drinking the Fuhrman carrot juice again--literally, as I am thinking of making some tomorrow to go in my next creation, haha.

Here is my current thinking:  My problem the last few years has been going off plan way too much.  I went off plan for a dose of salt, sugar and fat, I think.  If my diet has some of all of it and it tastes good, why should I go off plan?   Fuhrman lets you have fat (nuts, seeds, avocados, soy), and sugar  (dried fruit), and about 300 mg of added sodium above what's in natural foods.   So maybe, I'll allow a little dose of added sodium too.  I think I'll give the 6WP a try and see if I can stick with it.  that's the key is sticking with it!


Judon said...

Thank you for this honest assessment of both plans. I was a reader only for years on the Fuhrman website, can post now, and love your 'baked beans' in carrot juice. I'll keep checking here for your posts.
Judy Donovan

kneecap said...

thanks Judy. Do you follow the Fuhrman plan? or another?

Judon said...

We follow Fuhrman all the way. I really believe in the science behind it and the results. That being said I got off track with foreign travel and company and now am back on the six week aggressive weight loss plan. My husband was diagnosed with a high-grade, aggressive, invasive bladder cancer almost 2 years ago and he decided to have the tumor removed and use Dr Fuhrman's Anti-Cancer protocol to reverse the disease. In 3.5 months there was no evidence of cancer and it has remained that way since. Don't mess with what works!
i really appreciated your insights I know you're very scientific in your approach also.

kneecap said...

Hi Judon. Wow, I'm glad it turned out so well with your husband. What a scary thing to happen to someone! Regarding Fuhrman and all the other guys, I think the science is incomplete and you can kind of draw the conclusions you want from the available science. I think Fuhrman is on the right track, in large part because of his clinical experience and seeing what works. I did the experiment on myself and I find his plan is best for me.