Thursday, October 30, 2014

food logs Oct 29--following MWL

I logged my food yesterday too.  Here's the summary (click on the image to see it better):

The red lentil chili is Chef AJ's recipe. I cooked up some brown rice (actually a mixture of short grain, long grain, and forbidden rice) and combined it with the chili.  I ate several bowls.  I made some cabbage salad out of:  cabbage, carrots, apples, orange juice, and chia seeds.  I ate several bowls of this too.  and lots of fruit.  and the total was only 1340 calories.  This is essentially McDougall's Maximum Weight Loss plan (whole foods, vegan, none of the calorie dense foods) and Novick's calorie density plan.  I see why they say just eat until you are full and you will lose weight.   

Here is the nutrient breakdown:

I had lots more omega-3 fat today than yesterday since the cabbage salad has chia seeds.  total fat intake is now up to 7.5%.  Vitamin E is still low.  Obviously more fats would help that.

Now I just have to work on not pigging out when I don't log my food.  I have the habit of eating while I'm doing food prep and dishes, which is a lot of the time!  But it's just a habit and habits can be changed.

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