Thursday, October 9, 2014

My new blog

Oh what fun, I started up a new blog.  I'll still post here, recipes and things.  In fact, I have a backlog that I want to document, some good dressings I made a while back, and some instant-pot dishes that I made while on vacation.

But I have this backpacking trip I want to prepare for by eating healthy for the next almost 12 months, so I thought I'd start a blog to document that.  And, well, it's not your normal happy plant-based blog because I have developed a case of the whiny's in the last few years, wishing I could be like everyone else and eat their delicious salty, sweet, and fatty foods.  so it will be a whiny blog.  Naturally, the name is  


Trish said...

Super! Glad you're "back"...I need your motivating posts!

kneecap said...

I don't know if whining is motivating but that's where I'm at. :)