Wednesday, December 10, 2014

6 week plan baby!

I rejoined the Fuhrman forums and started a journal today for my 6-week plan.  As I said there I'm going to keep doing it until I lose my 21 lbs.  And then keep doing it afterwards because it has everything I want to eat on it.

I don't think I'll have the energy to post my meals in both places.  But I did today:

Breakfast:   two walnuts and a banana.  I was hungry as I didn't eat until after my yoga class and grocery shopping

Steamed mushrooms and spinach.  I love this.  It tastes salty to me.  According to cronometer the spinach only has 89 mg of salt in it.  It tastes like more. 

I also ate some frozen grapes.

Lunch:  I snacked on raw carrots and a few more of those grapes while preparing BBQ beans and greens from Plant based katie.  I used carrot and celery juice so I only put in one big medjool date instead of 5 in the recipe.   I ate a big bowl of the beans.


I made a really good salad dressing from a couple of small mandarin oranges, and some frozen mango and grapes (let them thaw a bit), and sesame and hemp seeds and vinegar.  The only problem is, it seemed like a lot of fruit went into that dressing.  I didn't measure or count up the calories, but it would certainly use up my allotment of fruit for a meal.  I might rather have some fruit for dessert than in my salad dressing.  so I may just go with the flavored vinegars as my dressing at least some of the time.

I cooked up a small butternut squash and had half of that with my beans for dinner and a little soy yogurt.

Exercise:   yoga class.


Patti said...

Wow. I admire your ambition right before the big holiday season. I've done the 6 weeks and it works.
I may join you right after this birthday dinner with salmon I'm cooking for my 24 year old son. It will be mostly fuhrmanesque aside from the salmon.

kneecap said...

cool, when's your birthday dinner? funny, I didn't even think about the holidays. I've been tempted all year long, and gave in to it plenty of times. I guess I think it's no worse now than it ever is.