Sunday, January 29, 2012

Veggies for the week

Last week by about Thursday I decided I was tired of eating so many salads.  Fortunately that feeling only lasted a couple of days and by today I was desiring one again.  I'm planning a better balance this week between cooked and raw so I don't get tired of salads by Thursday.  Yesterday I made my bean soup like I usually do.  Today I made a giant batch of cooked veggies.  Actually after cooking it was not so giant, and just filled 7 bowls.  My veggie choices were inspired by this clip from Dr. Gregor.  His video clips are awesome.  They only last a couple of minutes and are very informative.  So this clip showed some recent studies that maybe did a better job of measuring antioxidant values in vegetables (I'm not going to try to explain, see the video).   I was surprised by the results.  I grabbed a screen shot of the result (hope he doesn't mind!):

So guess what I put in my two big pots of veggies:  beets, eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, mushrooms, and garlic.  And I threw in some herbs du provence, and some fines herbs and some cinnamon.  Note that red bell pepper is really high on the list but Dr. Gregor says it loses too many nutrients when cooked.   So I added that to my salad.  I love red bell peppers!   Here are the veggies are ready to cook up in 2 large pressure cookers:

Here they are after cooking and cooling and dished out into bowls to freeze for the week:

I still tend to overcook veggies in my pressure cookers, so they are soft but they taste delicious.  I am not sure there is a cooked veggie I don't like.  I doubt you even need the seasonings.  Speaking of those, Dr. Gregor talks about spices with huge health benefits but I can't remember it all.  I seem to recall cinnamon and cloves and marjoram?  oregano is pretty good too.  It's in one of the recent videos. 

Another cooked veggie I plan to eat this week is baked sweet potatoes.  My absolute favorite are the oriental yams.  They have purple skin and yellow flesh.  They are so sweet I wonder if they are even healthy.

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