Sunday, January 15, 2012

Avocado orange dressing and Sunday salad

I eat a lot of salads during the week for convenience, so don't eat as many on the weekends.  I treat myself to other favorite foods like baked oriental yam, essene buds, Texas Rio Star grapefruit, samples of housemate's smoothies, frozen cherries and mangos.  By Sunday I'm ready for a salad, but I want something different from my weekday salads.  I also have the opportunity to make a real salad dressing which I'm too lazy to do during the week.  I came up with a really easy dressing

Avocado orange dressing
1 avocado
juice of 1 medium orange or 1/2 large
1-2 Tbsp D'angou pear vinegar

Smash the avocado, add the orange juice and vinegar, mix until mostly smooth.

The salad is just lettuce, cucumber, and red bell pepper.  Add the dressing.  yum.


Susan TBA said...

So nice to have you back!

kneecap said...

thanks! I hope to be back on weekends anyway. :)

Dokken said...

I agree! I love to read your musings.

kneecap said...

ah, thanks Lois!

equazen said...

this salad is really healthy.