Saturday, January 28, 2012

Refreshing Veggies

Yes, veggies are refreshing to us, but I'm actually referring to refreshing the veggies.  A guy in the produce section at the co-op was saying some other guy claims he can keep his lettuce fresh for a few weeks!  How the heck can he do that, I asked.  He chops off the bottom and soaks it in water.  So I tried it!  The romaine this time of year sometimes looks pretty tired by the time we get it.  Same goes for the broccolini, which I really enjoy but it looks pretty pathetic sometimes.  Here's a picture showing what I did.

I just cut off the bottoms, and put them in a bowl with water in the fridge (the next time I decided to use a ceramic bowl instead of plastic).   It totally refreshed the broccolini!  The lettuce was noticeably crisper too.  hmm, I think I will go refresh the lettuce in my fridge right now.

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