Tuesday, October 4, 2011

some useful tips from PeerTrainer

I thought these PeerTrainer daily email tips were useful:

How to Eat Healthy at a Party
Creating an Environment of Thin
The Three Bite Rule

Actually, I think I will add to this post as more come up, so I don't make a new post each time.


Linda5sons said...

I posted this on Dr. Fuhrman's Member boards; I thought I'd share it here as well:

I skipped dinner last night. DH wanted to go to Cracker Barrel, which used to be a favorite of mine. I ordered a tossed salad, but decided it would be less stressful to simply fast the meal, rather than struggle with eating salad amidst all the memories/history I had with that restaurant.

What I found, interestingly enough, was that I didn't 'want' any of their foods, not even when Shawn's biscuits came (used to be a favorite). I was so well-fueled by my Nutritarian life, that sitting out one meal was no big deal at all...really. I think, though, that if I had eaten my salad, I would have found myself in a bad mood all night, with my subconscious trying to tell me I'd been deprived and 'deserved' a treat in response. This was a very interesting experiment.

A note of gratitude: four of my five boys ordered salads! I ended up giving my salad to Jason, who was still hungry after eating his. Jason and Logan ate their salads with no dressing (I gave them each a LaraBar from my purse, for fat source to maximize nutrient absorption from the salads), while Kevin and Brian used SAD dressings on theirs; but I am so grateful that they CHOSE to order salads, I'm certainly not going to fuss that they had trashy dressings on their veggies! A year ago, they were ordering pancake stacks!

I think I really learned a good lesson, last night at Cracker Barrel. I think that, for me, fasting a meal (when in a difficult emotional setting) is preferable to nibbling on the over-priced little bowl of lettuce and tomato wedges. I truly was there to enjoy the family's company, rather than for eating, and it de-fanged any opportunity for feelings of deprivation-from-old-favorites, because there was no automatic comparison between my formerly favorite meals there and a simple salad. If I had been truly hungry, I could easily have stopped at the store afterwards (we did, in fact, but I wasn't hungry) and bought a one-pound bag of salad greens...cheaper, actually, than the little bowl Cracker Barrel sells!

Barb, just a few weeks ago I would likely have handled this experience very differently, and walked away in a blue funk for the rest of the night, punishing my body's cells with late eating and overconsumption of sweet/fat ETL treats, to try to 'make it right' emotionally. My peaceful evening last night is directly attributable to being a participant in your challenge. I want to thank you for giving me a place to belong, a place to not be out of place among other Nutritarians, as I fine-tune this healing machine I call my body.

kneecap said...

thanks linda! as I said on the forums, this was instructive for me. I have had the same problems when out with old friends who remind me of how I used to eat. I always assumed fasting would be harder than eating something else. But this is worth a try.