Monday, October 10, 2011

Is it Day 40?

Only 2 more days of the challenge?!   Let's see, we started on a Thursday, so it will end on Wednesday!  Well, you can start sending me your progress report whenever you are ready.   Send it to me at  Let me know if it's okay to post it.  I think people will enjoy hearing how others did.  It's especially helpful to learn how you solve your problems, and how you learn from your mistakes.

I started my challenge a week early so I suppose I could say I finished it on Friday.  I suppose that's a good thing because I unexpectedly stumbled on Saturday, with my desire to eat my guests' food.  For 6 weeks, I behaved quite well except for a couple of days on my vacation when I overate nuts and fruit, and then on last Thursday when I did the same.  But on Saturday, I wanted to eat everything they ate, just because they were eating it, even though I didn't like the taste.  Can someone explain that one to me?  I stumbled last summer with visitors too.  I have visitors again today but I'm okay.  I'll have to be more cautious next time.

Besides being busy with the visitors, on Sunday I did food prep, biking in the outstanding weather, and harvesting the garden.  I made a nice soup from garden produce and beans, which I'll have all this week along with my salads.  I harvested a bunch of greens and brussels sprouts from the garden and froze them.  It was a fun day.  And it was very fun with the visitors.  Then today was back to work and exercise and more visitors tonight.  whew.  So I'd better get back to them.  

Should we do a new challenge?  I'm thinking monthly challenges might be easier chunks to handle--for one thing easier to count the days, and a month might seem more doable for accomplishing a goal.


otnetty said...
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otnetty said...

Sometimes I think we join in SAd eating just because we want to bond and share the common experience - especially when it's family or close friends.
I have a Vitamix, so won't email you, but I have really appreciated the challenge and have lost 13 lbs!
Are you starting another challenge for us?

Anonymous said...

I wasn't successful at this challenge but it did show me that I need some outside help, which I will be getting next week at True North - I'm excited!

kneecap said...

otnetty, I'm thinking of doing monthly challenges. what do you think? we could start one up when this is over that goes until Nov. 30.

Bemily--that's great! I would love to go there.

otnetty said...

Yes, monthly sounds like a very good idea!

ttujill said...

November 30th is going to be as tough challenge with Thanksgiving imminent. Usually I have about 18 family members at my house for Thanksgoving abd I am the primary chef. I have been somewhat dreading Thanksgiving this year bevause. I know I will be cooking a lot of off plan food for others and I have not decided if I will be splurging and eating off plan for the day or if I will stick to my regiment that has got me feeling so great. I have been trying unsuccessfully to convince my family that Thanksgiving and other hollidays should be a time of us getting together to share yummy healthy recipes rather than the traditional contest of who can bring the most unhealthy side or richest dessert. I know I will be sneaking in as lot of my favorite E2L sides this year and for the firat Thanksgiving I can remember in my family history there wil be a big green salad on the table. Would love to hear from others in the November challenge what their goals of how to handle the holliday will be.

kneecap said...


I plan to do a post on this topic. I think each person can decide how they want to handle the holidays. I think it's okay to decide that Thanksgiving and Christmas are "feast" days, as Dr. McDougall describes them. So maybe you want to allow a full traditional meal, a mixture, tastes of the traditional food while eating mostly healthy food, or putting together a healthy feast. If you ate healthy from now until Thanksgiving and then ate unhealthy that day, that will just be a blip. The real challenge is eating healthy until then!