Saturday, October 1, 2011

The NEXT Challenge

Okay gang, tell me what you think of this.  Our challenge ends after day 42, or Oct. 13 at midnight.   I will send a vita-mix to the lucky winner.  

Here's the thing:  I want to keep going.  I'm going to the November immersion and want to continue the streak.  Then after that we have the holidays.  I want to get through those with as little harm as possible.  We're talking  Oct. 13-Nov.24 for the second one, and then Nov. 25 - Jan. 5 for the third.  Then in the new year, everyone else will be dieting and it won't seem so hard to eat healthy.  Plus after 3 challenges, we'll have such great habits, maybe we won't need more (ha, I wish.  I think we'll always need extra motivation since we're going against the society's grain).

Here's an idea we came up with on the Fuhrman forums.  How about everyone who wants to join contributes a small chunk of change ($5?  $10?).  Once we know how many entered, we decide on a gift or just pool the money and give it to the new winner?   Or divide the cash between 3-5 winners?   I know in this challenge I will have a hard time deciding who the winner is!   If we do a money pool, who should decide who wins?  I don't mind doing it, and I'm happy that it's hard to choose because it means a lot of people are making great progress!  And of course, the best reward of all is your health!   Alternatively we could have a small jury decide but I don't want to pile on the work for myself or others.  Please send in your thoughts and ideas!


Livewell said...

I'm in total agreement with continuing this onward. Things are going great with my eating plan. I've lost 13 pounds so far and hope to keep losing. I really want this to continue through January also because just imagine how much weight I can lose by then!?! Thanks for offering this type of support! It has made a difference for me to come here and be inspired by other's comments and the ideas that you have shared!

otnetty said...

Barb, I definitely want to continue too, and whatever incentive you come up with, I will support!
After all, the real prize is losing weight and getting healthier!

kneecap said...

actually now I'm thinking money makes it too complicated. Maybe we just share success and "seeds of success" stories at the end. We are all winners.

ttujill said...

I agree. Challenge has been great for me to keep me accountable and focused. Would love to continue and add more exercise in next round!

Ginger said...

I plan to keep following your challenges but don't need a prize. I have so much stuff right now, but I'm sure the younger people would love it. I like the idea of just sharing best.