Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 35

Quick post before going observing (I'm an astronomer...).

My oatmeal (see yesterday's preview) turned out awful.  The food warmer must be hotter than a slow cooker, not colder.  The oatmeal was burnt!  yuck.  so I threw that out.

I nibbled on carrots, sugar snap peas and a little fruit while making lunch and dinner.   Oh, here's something that turned out great:  I took some beans and grains from the freezer--a batch of just beans and some kamut, barley and wild rice cooked up, bland on it's own--and added a mashed baked sweet potato (which I decided later probably wasn't needed), some curry powder, cinnamon, and sliced grapes.  This was great!   curry powder, cinnamon and grapes is a great combination and will turn a bland dish into a yummy curry dish.

Then had big salads with the usual local and garden produce:  massaged kale, cabbage, lettuce mix, spinach mix, jicama (okay, that was from Mexico), yummy yummy asian pears! (from California), yummy kiwi berries (from California), red bell pepper, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, d'angou pear vinegar.  okay, that wasn't such a local salad after all except for the greens.

gotta run, see you tomorrow!


dwatkins said...

Wow, it is hard to believe that there is only one week left in the challenge. I am definitely in for the next one.

I am doing well and I think that I am actually going to make my goal! Surprisingly, I have very few food cravings. The chocolate still calls out to me when I walk by, but so far I have been able to resist completely.

My health is improving, although I did have a few days of depression this past week. I increased my nuts and seeds and that seems to have helped.

Once I got used to the routine of preparing meals in advance, it is really easier than eating the standard SAD diet.


kneecap said...

way to go, dwatkins!

Dru said...

I can't believe that there is only one week left either! It's been fun.

Miracle of miracles I have medjool dates in the house again and they are not screaming out to me! I've been able to use them in recipes and have just used what the recipe called for. They are just another ingredient, no big deal.

Besides having them out of the house for several weeks, it also helped to go clothes shopping. None of my clothes from last fall/winter fit (all too big.), so I had to buy new ones. No way was I going mindlessly chomp down on stuff or eat past satisfied, after spending $$$ on a new wardrobe! I donated all my old stuff so there is no looking back! It's the new stuff or naked! LOL

Tandi said...

I am definitely in for the next challenge, this has been great! Pears are so yummy! I just bought a couple honeycrisp apples today....YUM!

kneecap said...

Dru, that's great! haha.

Tandi, does that mean you've made some good progress on this challenge? that's wonderful!

I have too, I'm made good progress. I have more to work on, as my latest post shows, so I'm looking forward to the next challenge.