Saturday, December 4, 2010

my trip

I'm heading off to France today. I'm expecting it to take 30 hours to get from my house to my hotel. I hope it's not longer than that! I packed up 5 big servings of my "microsalad" and 5 little bags of sliced carrots. Am I a crazy nutritarian or what?! Here they are packed in my bag along with a frozen thingie to help keep them cool, a spoon and 5 napkins:

It's the green bag on the left:

Here I am at the bus stop:

I had a little trouble getting the food through security, but after careful examination of it and myself, they let me through.

I'll keep you posted about what a crazy nutritarian does in Besancon, France for food. Keep in mind that other nutritarians aren't as crazy as me. I gave up trying to eat healthy at restaurants but others are more successful.


Gigi said...

Have fun in France, is this for work or pleasure?

kneecap said...

Thanks Gigi. It's for work. I got to my hotel at 9 pm the following day. It was a somewhat grueling journey due to multiple delays and my lack of familiarity with the train system. But I made it and now am finding it to be a productive visit so far.

Vittle me this... said...

have a great time!

Heidi said...

I'm just relieved that you got your food through customs!! :-D

sandi said...

Hi Barb, I hope you're enjoying your trip and feeling much better. How did your presentation go?

Carrots said...

Hi Barb,

How is France? Sounds like fun!
Microsalads sound familiar!

Lov Carrots