Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Easiest and best banana walnut ice cream

This is my all-time favorite ice cream.

frozen banana pieces (to freeze, peel ripe bananas, break into small pieces, seal in a plastic bag in freezer).
handful of walnuts

Blend in a high-powered blender. Now, with no liquid, it's hard to blend at first. Sometimes it catches and makes a real creamy thick ice cream, like here:

Other times, especially if you make a small portion, it doesn't blend so well and then it's chunky, which is good too! I like it both ways, creamy and chunky. I've tried many ice cream recipes with added nut milks, sweeteners (e.g., dates) and berries, and this is my favorite. But of course, for variety, I like the others too.


Patricia said...

I agree! Just bananas and walnuts tastes better to me as an ice cream than any of the "fancier" versions. Sometimes I add a bit of spinach and substitute almonds for a beautiful bright green treat - a drop or two of organic almond extract makes it remind me of pistachio ice cream for some reason (probably because of the color).

Thanks for your posts, Barb! I've not been eating well lately (mostly due to a complete alteration of my taste/smell senses due to first trimester pregnancy; everything that used to taste good to me - i.e., healthy stuff - is suddenly repulsive, and I find myself craving a spicy chicken sandwich or some other such thing I haven't touched in a very long time). Your simple salads look good to me, though, and I think I'll redouble my efforts to get back on the right track.

kneecap said...

Interesting, thanks for the idea! Congratulations on your pregnancy.