Tuesday, December 31, 2013

today's food

It was more of a nibbling all day than a 3 square meals kind of day.

before exercise:  small bowl of frozen banana, mango, grapes

exercise:  swim 30 minutes, walk 30 minutes

after exercise:  boiled chestnuts, lots of raw carrots.  

then it was lunchtime:  big salad from that hydroponic lettuce (which tastes great, I wonder, is it less nutritious than lettuce grown in soil?), chopped concord pear (my favorite pear nowadays), ground flax seed, and balsamic vinegar.  and a bowl of cooked collards and tomatoes.

entertained some kids this afternoon and gave them some chips, homemade salsa, apple slices and frozen grapes.  I enjoyed some apple slices, frozen grapes and celery and salsa with them.

light dinner:   bowl of beans and chopped grapes and curry powder!   how's that for a crazy dish that tastes good?  a little rice would have been good too, will make some tomorrow.

then inspired by that I had a snack of grapes and curry powder!   it was also good.   crazy huh?  and a few carrots.  that was my new year's celebration, ha.

my new year's eve activity was watching a video on backpacking in the grand canyon.  that's what I'm training for.  I plan to spend a lot of time on the stair climbing machine at the YMCA!

Happy new year!

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Ines said...

The curry powder and grape combination sounds interesting. Which spices are in your curry powder? Do you make your own?