Sunday, December 29, 2013

another salsa

1 can tomatoes (mine are from the garden…)
some lime or lemon
a little bell pepper if you have any
little bit of onion
small clove of garlic
a little bit of chipotle powder

I drain the tomatoes and drink the juice.  then chop the tomatoes if needed.  I just use small amounts of everything else.  e.g., for the onion I take just a spoonful and smash it in my garlic press.  same with the garlic to.   squeeze a bit of the lemon or lime.  I use a few spoonfuls of chopped cilantro.  In the winter I usually don't bother with the bell peppers since they aren't local.  So the salsa is mainly tomatoes with a little flavoring from everything else.  I love to eat it with raw celery and carrots--it makes a great snack.   Today I forgot to add the chipotle powder.

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