Saturday, December 28, 2013

today's food

Today I wasn't hungry until the afternoon (see previous post).   I had some carrots and a nice salad made from local (hydroponic?) lettuce, a pear, some hemp seeds, and balsamic vinegar.  This time of year the lettuce from California is not very appealing so I don't eat as many salads, but we've started seeing this locally grown lettuce, I think grown in water, like sprouts are.  It's very fresh and delicious.  It's not there every time I go to the store, but I grab some when it is.  It's great to get a fresh salad this time of year!

My dinner was a little early due to going out.  I had some carrots, a pomegranate and some yummy chestnuts.  Those come from Iowa and are really good and sweet.  My favorite way to cook them is to boil them!  I have no idea if that's normal.  You hear about roasted chestnuts from the song, but that dries them out.  I think they are perfect boiled. and it's super easy.  and then easy to score and eat them afterwards.   When I got home later, I was a little  hungry and had a small bowl of frozen banana, grapes and another carrot.  (I love carrots).

Today I was thinking about desire, partly because I'm watching this excellent set of lectures from the latest Mind and Life Institute conference on addiction and cravings.  The Mind and Life Institute is this group of Buddhists, the Dalai Lama, and neuroscientists who get together every year to discuss the mind.  So I was thinking about desire, and wondering, why do I sometimes want food I can't have, but I don't want a big house I can't have or lots of other things I can't have.  Then I realized the difference is that I can have the food, I'm just not supposed to.  I can't have the big house on the lake because I'm not rich enough.  But I can have any food I desire within an hour of my desire.  I just have to grab my wallet and my car keys, google my desired food, drive there, order and pay.   I mean, imagine any kind of food and I can have it in an hour.  so it is different.  because then it's me that has to put the brakes on the desire.  it's a lot easier to not have a house on a lake when it's impossible, than to pass up decadent food where I'm the only thing between my desire and the food.   I don't have anymore insights than that.  :)

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