Friday, August 3, 2012

This week's food

This was a very busy week for me with lots of work and little sleep.  Fortunately food prep was a breeze, the deadline ended at 5 pm today, and tonight was celebration, relaxation and watching the olympics.  Hopefully I'll get a good night's rest so I can go mountain biking tomorrow.

My photo taking was random but here are some excerpts from my meals.  Breakfast was cooked buckwheat cereal (takes only a couple of minutes in the microwave), cinnamon, and fruit.  I like this a lot.  I use frozen fruit that I prep for housemate's smoothies, so it cools off the buckwheat, which is nice in the summer.

Lunch or dinner (depending on my schedule) this time of year is an ear of corn, a veggie or salad, and a starch.  I love it.  Here are some examples:

steamed broccoli and potatoes:

Salad and baked potato.  I had forgotten to get lettuce at the store so I used spinach, some kohlrabi (or cucumber), tomatoes from the garden, basil from the garden, a little ground flaxseed and some fruit/balsamic vinegar.  very good.  A couple of times at dinner and lunch I had a salad with spinach (still didn't have lettuce), mushrooms cooked for a minute in the microwave with nutritional yeast and date balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, and a cut up yellow squash.  That was also very good.

Here's some classic comfort food (peas, potato and corn).

Today I had greens and 1/2 sweet potato.  The greens were really good:  Start by dry-frying the onions, then add water, kale or collards, a tomato from the garden and basil from the garden.   I loved this lunch.  The greens I harvested on the weekend and froze to they were easy to prepare--hammer on the frozen bag which shatters them, pour them into the fry pan--takes about 30 seconds!

I didn't take pictures of my beans and rice.  I cooked up some black beans last weekend with a little eggplant (because it was there), tomato, green bell pepper, oregano, cumin;  cooked up some brown and forbidden (black) rice.  Let them cool, combine the rice and beans into single serving bowls, froze a bunch of them, left some out. This makes for an easy component of a meal each day.   The other part was the usual: a small baked potato or 1/2 sweet potato (they are big), and cooked greens or a salad.

So that's all there was to the food prep:  easy, delicious and healthy.  And there were lots of raw carrots and cooked kohlrabi sticks (I'll post on that soon).

Today when the deadline was over, I celebrated with housemate.  I had previously told her my idea of not having forbidden foods anymore, just eating very little of the unhealthy foods (like one bite of ice cream), so she suggested going out for ice cream.  Thankfully I only rarely have a desire for unhealthy foods, and today wasn't one of those days, so I brought my own favorite treat:  frozen fruit and soy yogurt.  Here I am at the ice cream shop with our treats.

Then my other celebration was...

popcorn! while watching the Olympics.  Air popped of course.  I've had very little popcorn the last 5 years (was not considered healthy), except for once or twice when I was "bad".  It's pretty bland without salt and butter, but I could get used to it.  Your taste buds adapt after you try something a few times.   It smells good popping.  It was fun and that's the most important thing tonight.

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