Sunday, August 5, 2012

practice makes flow

A friend pointed out this article to me from Mark Hyman:

I really like this article.  He suggests a 90:10 rule to keep you from falling into the trap of perfectionism, which can lead to trouble when you fall of the wagon for whatever reason.  He talks about Hungarian psychologist Csikszentmihaly's concept of flow, in regards to your general life as well as your eating style.  I read Csikszentmihaly's book with the same title and thought it was very good. Also, Hyman reminds us that our ultimate goal is to be happy.  Nice article.   


Patricia said...

Nice link, Barb - thanks! This is helpful as I look forward to two weeks of vacation at family members' homes. There will be a lot of temptations, most of which I know would prove disappointing upon reflection. However, there is occasionally something I really do want. I think I'll happily indulge in my 10% and just try to make sure I don't waste it on anything that, in hindsight, was not really that enjoyable.

It helps tremendously that I am developing a great repertoire of things that can be easily prepared even away from home. A new favorite that my husband discovered is steamed cauliflower made into "mashed potatoes". So good!

kneecap said...

that sounds great Patricia. I'm going on a short vacation soon and will get to try out my easily prepared on the road foods too!